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Freshly Brewed by cherbambi on May 17, 2011
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ezekiel. DIY neck piece.

yes i named my neck piece Ezekiel. haha. Here's an easy DIY piece and you'll get it in a couple of simple steps. Try it!

Here, I'm matching my favourite colours blue and neon green. You can pair green with neon/hot pink, or any other colours you fancy!



1. Cut strips of varying length and thickness. 3 or 4 strips will do just fine:


2. Stitch both ends in order to loop in the chain:


3. Fold the strip in half and cut smaller strips (of varying thickness):


4. Open it up and it's suppose to look like this:


5. String the chain through loops while alternating the strips. And there you have it:


well, hope you like it


have a fantastic week y'all.


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