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The 1989 Soiree

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Freshly Brewed by Peng on November 14, 2012
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I know not if you are a he or a she. I know not if you are young or you are old. I do know that your works are enigmatic, eclectic, and very moving. I know that your name is 非(hi), that you are a digital artist and you live in Japan. I thank the internet because I would never have otherwise found your tumblr, and have the opportunity to look at your works.


Aren’t we all trying to make sense of the world. In spite of the glamour and excitement that surrounds us, how many of us can enjoy and bask in the sunshine without hearing the little voice nagging at the back of our head.

While his works are colourful, the theme is dark, painful even for one to tread upon.

Whoever you are, your works are amazing, and I would love to see more of it.

Freshly Brewed by Peng on November 06, 2011
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Support Cambodian! Buy Local!


Got this during my Cambodian trip last month. Every other stall was selling something like that so please look around till you find a place who sells it at a price that's worthy. I would say this is Freitag-inspired, for they were the first to recycle billboards etc into bags and other miscellaneous items. Similarly, the Cambodians have turned their rice sack, pig feed sacks and what nots into massenger bags, totes, wallets, pencil cases, make up bags etc. You could have it as it is, or get a laminated one instead. I took the laminated one in the hopes that it will last me a bit longer,, that I don't have to deal with fraying materials, and that it will be much easier to clean. I'm loving it so far thanks to it being uber roomy.

Till the next time, have a peacocky good weekend!



Freshly Brewed by Peng on November 06, 2011
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Happy Belated Halloween!

If you recall, this blog started on Halloween last year. The two of us had our fingers crossed and decided that we could start our first post on Halloween. Halloween last year wasn't amazing, but this year, it was a blast! I was female Fred Flintstone, Jeanna was Harley Quinn and Cher was a panda that eat shoots! Jeanna bought her costume off Amazon and I made mine. It was difficult to make mine. I went to Chinatown and got 2.5 yards of orange cloth (which was wayyyyy more than enough) for $5, cut it into a toga shape, cut strips at the side and knot them together, cut jagged ends at the dress and rip them somemore.. There are about 5 knots at each side. Use a black permanent marker to colour in the triangles and don it over a black tube dress! Jean helped me made the styrofoam bone on my head which was double-sided taped onto a hair clip. Tadah!

We were out at Filter, then Zouk.

Here's us three!

While many may use Halloween as a chance to slut it up, the three of us refused to. My dress was mid thigh length and I still felt super conservative when we stepped into Filter. OH MY GOD it was like a freaking disney porn set. Sorry I don't have photos here to show you.

This dude was immobilised by his costume. Funniest thing ever.

We met some funky people.

The bouncer who can't speak.

Jean brought her screeching chicken along.

Here, I present to you The Chronicles of the Crouching Chicken and Hidden Talent, as named by Cher.

Not sure if wer are going to go out next year, but this year was great. Whoever who didn't go Halloween this year,WHY WHY WHY?!!!!




Freshly Brewed by Peng on October 23, 2011
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Uncle Charlie Chaplin

I got this Charlie Chaplin man's muscle shirt from Chatuchak before I was so sick and had to leave. It cost me about SGD6?

Anyway, big girls like me can't wear shirts like that. It will make us look too full in the chest area and wind up being too chunky. So, a little bit of trip down youtube and I' was prepared to cut my first shirt!

I cut out a square neckline through the front and back because what can be more sexy than a square neckline! Big boo boo though! I realize it was too big but no worries, simply cut out one strip from the collar cloth you've cut out and tie up the front bits to make the neck line a tad bit more fitted.

I went the extra bit to braid the back of the shirt. Simply cut strips in a V shape along the back, them but the bottom strip under the top strip all the way till you reach the bottom.

So this is how it looks from the front!

And I love it!!!!!
It's okay that the bra straps are hanging out for me this once because I never meant for this shirt to look put together. Use this as a beach cover up if you will!

And this is how it looks from the back. I reckon I need to invert the braids and to cut it the strips higher and wider.

I think I did a pretty good job on the first shirt I cut. Wells, TOODLES!

Freshly Brewed by cherbambi on October 12, 2011
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Aunt Wendy got me this bag by Jamin Puech and i actually thought it looks like a ball of chicken feathers (didn't mean to make it sound obscene hehe). Dont be mistaken- these are not the leftover feathers from the Wendy's kitchen ;p I love it nevertheless and i can't wait to carry it out on date-night.

Jamin Puech is a Paris brand known for quirky bags like these:

To be honest, there isn't much bag space but I guess for now, this will do :D



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